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Repair kit (TASK2505-LF)

· Description Repair kit (TASK2505-LF)
· Thinqk no. TASK2505-LF
· OEM no. ASK2505-LF
· OEM Blagdon®
· Weight 0.100 kg
— 2x G242 O-ring Buna
— 2x G243 O-ring Buna
— 8x G339 O-ring Buna
— 2x G512 O-ring Buna
— 1x 40-204 Gasket Betaflex
— 6x 25-072 Shaft Seal
— 2x G189 O-ring Buna
— 2x G245 O-ring Buna
— 2x G367 O-ring Buna

–Works with the following pumps:

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