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Air valve kit (T476.V027.000)

· Description Air valve kit
· Thinqk no. T476.V027.000
· OEM no. 476.V027.000
· OEM Versa-Matic®
· Weight 0.000 kg
–6 X T560.206.360 O-ring Buna
–1 X T675.037.080 Retaining ring
–1 X T755.V002.000 Pilot sleeve
–1 X T775.V002.000 Spool pilot
–1 X TP24-202 Gasket, Valve Body
–2 X TP24-205 Gasket, End cap
–2 X TP24-403 O-ring Bushing
–6 X TP34-204F Glyd Ring Assembly
–2 X TP79-109 Gasket
–1 X Grease

–Works with the following pumps:
–E2 / 2”
–E40 / 2”

· Current

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