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Repair kit (TK45-AM)

· Description Repair kit
· Thinqk no. TK45-AM
· OEM no. K45-AM
· OEM Yamada®
· Weight 0.361 kg
—2X T772689 Throat Bearing
—2X T711937 Spring
—2X T771740 Valve Seat
—2X T832162 Pilot Valve Assembly
—7X T640020 O-ring
—2X T685444 Packing
—2X T640029 O-ring
—2X T771742 Gasket
—1X T771712 Gasket
—2X T771738 Gasket
—1X T803115 Spool valve assembly
—1X XX Grease

—Works with the following pumps:
—NDP-40 / 1½»
—NDP-50 / 2»

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