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Major Valve (T637395-3)

· Description Major Valve
· Thinqk no. T637395-3
· OEM no. 637395-3
· OEM Aro®
· Weight 0.000 kg
–4x T95991 Screw
–1x T95835 Spool
–1x TY17-50S Pipe Plug
–1x T96170 Gasket
–1x T95942-3 Valve Block
–1x T95941 End Cap
–1x T95844 Gasket
–1x TY186-53 U-cup
–1x TY186-49 U-cup
–1x T95838 Valve Insert
–1x T95885 Valve Plate
–1x T96171 Gasket
–2x T95845 Diaphragm
–1x T96172 Gasket
–1x T95832 Adapter Plate

–Works with the following pumps:
–PD10A-X / 1″

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