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Air valve kit (T637141)

· Description Air Valve Kit
· Thinqk no. T637141
· OEM no. 637141
· OEM Aro®
· Weight 0.055 kg
–2 X TY325-117 Buna O-ring
–4 X T93075 Polyurethane O-ring
–2 X T77802 Carbon steel snap ring
–1 X T93107 Syn-seal gasket
–1 X T93339-1 Buna gasket
–1 X TY325-125 Buna O-ring
–1 X T94395 Polyurethane U-cup
–1 X T96383 Buna U-cup
–1 X T93276 Ceramic valve insert
–1 X T93275 Ceramic valve insert
–1 X Key lube grease

–Works with the following pumps:
–66605X-X / ½”

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